“Go Ye”

“Go Ye”

We’ve all heard the “go ye” scripture. We’re familiar with the commandment, where God tells us to go into all the world and preach the Gospel, to make disciples out of those we encounter, to baptize them. (matthew 28:19). Often times, when we hear this scripture being taught on… something in our heart stirs. Because Matthew 28:19? That’s the way of the Kingdom. That’s the way we are to live.

But where do we go from there? How do we practically preach the Gospel? How do we make disciples? How does our life, however feeble and mundane it may seem… make a difference for all of eternity?

We care for the poor.
We clothe the naked.
We feed the hungry.
We care for orphans and widows.
We walk towards the sick, and walk them towards healing.

In taking these practical steps, we live out Matthew 28:19. Through our caring, feeding and healing… we share the gospel and we disciple.

Maybe you’re reading this and realizing that you can’t be one that “goes” to the ends of the earth to care for the poor or feed the hungry. Maybe you can’t adopt a child, therefore caring for orphans. Maybe you’re job or health or circumstances don’t allow you to be a “GO-ER,” but you can be a SENDER or a BUILDER.

You can support missionaries to GO. You can sponsor a child to GROW. You can be a BUILDER as we build G.R.A.C.E Health Center.

So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to make a way for the Gospel to go forth? Are you ready to be a go-er, a sender, or a builder?

Help us GO & BUILD today by visiting https://gracemedicalguatemala.org/give/

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